Italian Classes for Children in Cheltenham – Corsi di Italiano per bambini

Pre-school Italian Lessons

Our fun pre-school Italian for children classes are aimed at children from 2 years 9 months to four years.

Lessons cover everyday topics and children typically learn around six new words per week. Everything is learned through games, songs, role play, crafts and even cooking. The children have lots of fun and the adults even pick up some of the language too! Most of the words that the children learn will be repeated throughout the term with varying frequency so that the child learns them without even realising.

How do I enrol my child for Italian lessons?

Children can join a class at any point during a term. The charge is £66 per 12-week term but if your child joins during a term the charge will be calculated at £5.50 times the number of weeks remaining in that term.

Please email or call/text 07478 710022 for further information or to enrol your child.

A brand new weekly preschool class will start in Tithe Barn, Bishop’s Cleeve on Wednesday 19th April 16:10-16:55

Girotondo Kids Dopo Scuola (Corsi di Italiano per bambini)

For Primary school children we have Girotondo Kids Dopo Scuola. This popular class seeks to teach children of Italian parents or with a basic knowledge of Italian how to read and write in the language and will encourage them to use the language with their siblings and peers rather than slipping into English.

The class runs on Wednsdays 15:50-16:50 in Tithe Barn, Bishop’s Cleeve and costs £72 per twelve-week term.

For further details about when our French, Spanish and Italian classes take place in Cheltenham please take a look at our Course Timetables page.

Kids Foreign Language Resources

There is a wide range of learning materials available online to encourage children with their language learning. Visit our Kids Foreign Language Resources page for some of our handpicked recommendations.

Contact Girotondo Languages and Translation Services

If you are based in Cheltenham and would like to find out some more information about our pre-school Italian lessons please contact Lindsay Chessari on 07478 710 022 or at