Italian Classes in Cheltenham

Introduction, False Beginners and Level 2 Italian Classes

Girotondo offer Introduction, False Beginners, Level 2 and conversational classes for those looking to learn Italian in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.

Italian Classes – Introduction 

This is a short Italian course which lasts for just one term. It is ideal if you want to cram all the basics in before holiday without going into too much depth. It is also worth doing this course in preparation for the False Beginners Italian course.

Italian Classes – False Beginners

Our false beginners Italian course uses the BBC ‘Italianissimo’ textbook. This course runs for one year (three 12-week terms) and goes into more depth than our introduction to Italian course.

Italian Classes – Level 2

The level 2 Italian classes can be taken as a follow-on from the one-year false beginners course. We use ‘Talk Italian 2’ for the level 2 course. This lower-intermediate course takes two terms to complete and covers similar topics to level one but goes into more depth and focuses more on grammar.

Italian Classes – Conversation

This intermediate Italian course focuses more on conversation giving students the chance to improve their fluency.  We revise grammar as and when trickier areas crop up. This Italian course in suitable for students who have at least a basic grasp of the perfect tense and reflexive verbs.

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Girotondo Languages and Translation Services offer classes for adults looking to learn Italian in the Cheltenham area.