The Verb Piacere (To like)

Piacere can be quite a difficult verb for English speakers to get their heads around. You have to remember that in Italian you are not really saying that you like a thing or things. You are saying that the thing pleases you or that the things please you.


So to say:

  • I like this car, you say Mi piace questa macchina
  • I like bananas, you say Mi piacciono le banane (remember to change la banana to le banane to make it plural).

To say that you don’t like something you say that it doesn’t please you or they don’t please you.

  • Non mi piace questa macchina.
  • Non mi piacciono le banane.


mi piace/piacciono     I like

ti piace/piacciono       you like

gli piace/piacciono     he likes

le piace/piacciono      she likes

Le piace/piacciono     you like

ci piace/piacciono      we like

vi piace/piacciono      you like

gli piace/piacciono     they like

*In the written form you also sometimes see piace loro or piacciono loro to say they like.

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