Adult Language Classes in Cheltenham

Could I learn a foreign language?

Some people are daunted by the prospect of learning a new foreign language like French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, believing that they’re ‘not good at languages’ or that they ‘can’t learn languages’.

Although it is true that some people have a natural aptitude and seem to be able to remember words after hearing them once, these lucky people are few and far between and the majority of us need to practice several times before we commit things to memory.

Learning a foreign language with Girotondo

Practicing a particular word, sentence or phrase is something that we take into account in all of adult French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian lessons. It is our hope that at the end of every lesson everybody leaves feeling pleased that they are beginning to pick up the language no matter their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

All of our adult language classes are one hour long and we go through the material at whatever pace suits each specific group. There is no pressure to get through a particular amount of topics in a specific time frame and there is no final exam.

If we have made learning a foreign language sound a little less daunting and you would like to find out when our courses take place please head over to our Course Timetables Page. Here you will find more details about the current French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian classes we are running in the Cheltenham, Winchcombe, Stoke Orchard, Bishops Cleeve and Gloucester area.

Private Language Classes

Private French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish lessons can commence at any time. One-to-one lessons are charged at £25 per hour and one-to-two lessons are £40 per hour. Private lessons are paid up front in blocks of six and can be carried forward if for whatever reason you are unable to attend. Private lessons can be tailored to individual needs and move at whatever pace the student is comfortable with. Ideal for people with busy lives who can’t commit to attending a group lesson every week.

Contact Girotondo Languages and Translation Services

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